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Scientific LargeScale Infrastructure for Computing/Communication Experimental Studies – Starting Community

Imec IDLab iLab.t infrastructure

The node at iMEC exists out of 5 testbeds at two locations in Belgium (Gent and Antwerpen) (

• Virtual wall (Gent): to perform wired networking, cloud, distributed software, service backends and scalability experiments. 550+ installed servers.
• w-iLab.t (Gent): pseudo shielded environment for wireless and IoT research with over 150 wireless nodes (fixed and mobile), including software defined radios
• Officelab (Gent): a real office environment for wireless and IoT research with over 110 embedded PCs spread over the building.
• GPULab (Gent and Antwerpen): testbed with 125+ GPUs with over 570.000+ cuda cores and 1.8TB+ GPU RAM for AI research and everything which needs GPUs
• CityLab (Antwerpen): testbed for wireless networking experimentation in the unlicensed spectrum in the city of Antwerp. 50 nodes are spread over an area of 1 square km.