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Scientific LargeScale Infrastructure for Computing/Communication Experimental Studies – Starting Community

Our Workplan

The planned work for SLICES-SC is organized around eight WPs, distributed across three different types of activities

WP1 (NA1) - Project Management

WP1 will involve all the management processes and quality assurance of SLICES-SC as a whole.

WP2 (JRA1) – Innovative tools for the RI and Configuration of the Research Infrastructure

WP2 - will include the design and development of the appropriate technology solutions for allowing transnational access over the infrastructure.

WP3 (JRA2) - Data management and reproducibility methods

WP3 - focuses on the virtual access tools, and how data produced and maintained in SLICES-SC will be shared within the community.

WP4 (NA2) – Definition and management/ organisation of joint training activities

WP4 is dedicated to the training activities for getting users acquainted with the infrastructure methodologies and tools.

WP5 (NA3) - Liaison with industry and other stakeholders

The aim of WP5 is to liaise with the relevant industry including Operators, Telecom providers, SMEs and start-ups and to create strong links between them.

WP6 (NA4) – Dissemination, outreach, community building and standardization

WP6 is concentrating the efforts in international dissemination and educational outreach.

WP7 (NA5) - Exploitation and long term perspectives of the RI

WP7 will analyze the future potential of the infrastructure and conduct a sustainability study.

WP8 (VA1) - Transnational and Virtual access to the RI

WP8 includes all the access activities for the infrastructure and data.