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Scientific LargeScale Infrastructure for Computing/Communication Experimental Studies – Starting Community

Slices-SC objectives

To provide access to a fully-customizable Internet-scale ecosystem for driving experimental research with Digital Sciences

To enable virtually-anywhere access to the SLICES infrastructure

To provide common experiment descriptions for cross-disciplinary domains over the converged research infrastructure

To ensure repeatable and reproducible experimentation and validation of novel protocols

To raise the awareness of the digital sciences key industrial players and promote the usage of the infrastructure

To empower, assist and sustain the growth of SLICES-RI user community through the engagement of stakeholders for broad socio-economic impact creation and reinforce the access to the SLICES-RI

To launch and organise joint training programmes for higher education and training of researchers, for attracting young researchers and students (with enhanced female participation) in order to support digital sciences careers;

To support the sustainability and exploitation potential of the SLICES-RI by facilitating promotion of their results towards the interested stakeholders via a set of tools towards new sustainability and exploitation paths.