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Mobility of Researchers Programme: Application Procedures for Micro Projects

SLICES-SC offers mobility Grants to encourage researchers and professionals from academia and industry to physically visit a SLICES-SC site, to learn how to use the research facility of that site, and to carry out one or more experiments on this research infrastructure.

Typically, we expect that the visit will be organised into two stages. During the first stage participants will access the research and testing facility, and they will receive the specific training that is usually provided to external researchers using the infrastructure. During the second stage, participants will have free-of-charge full access to the resources of the research infrastructure to carry out their planned experimentation. This access includes the logistical, technological, and scientific support to execute and collect the results of the experiments.

To be eligible for the mobility Grant, a researcher must work in a country other than the one where the visited research infrastructure is located. Furthermore, the visit must produce a tangible scientific output (e.g., a dataset, a software package, a joint collaboration for a publication, an official technical report) to be made open and available to the research community through the SLICES-SC portal. To this end, applicants must submit, following the below proposal template, a “micro-project” describing what is the main objective of the visit, the (indicative) work plan and the expected outcomes. Delivering the proposed outcome is necessary to be eligible for reimbursement.

The maximum duration of a visit is four weeks, and the maximum amount of a mobility Grant is 6.000 Euros, covering travel costs and related subsistence. Note that it is possible to split the visit into two separate parts, the first one to perform the activities of the first stage (i.e., training) and the second one to carry out the activities of second stage (i.e., experimentation). Only visits completing both parts will be eligible for reimbursement.

  • The list of operational SLICES-SC sites is available at Our Infrastructures page.
  • Click here to download the proposal template.
  • Applications can be submitted continuously through the proposal submission portal and will be evaluated on a first-come, first-served basis until resources are available.