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Scientific LargeScale Infrastructure for Computing/Communication Experimental Studies – Starting Community

TUM Baltikum testbed

Reproducible network research is part of our research agenda for more than 15 years, see for example the 2003 Workshop at ACM SIGCOMM on Models, Methods and Tools for Reproducible Network Research co-organized by Georg Carle. Since then, we maintain, operate and extend a network research infrastructure for reproducible network experiments. The infrastructure has the name Baltikum testbed and includes more than 30 powerful servers equipped with various CPUs, different Intel NICs (X520, X540, X710, XL710, X722), Netronome SmartNICs (10G, 25G), and several switches, including 4 Tofino P4 switches, shielded boxes (2.4 and 5.0 GHz) to perform replicable wireless experiments, and a multitude of devices and cyber-physical networked systems (including 2-wheeled inverted pendulums).