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Scientific LargeScale Infrastructure for Computing/Communication Experimental Studies – Starting Community

NITOS Facility

UTH provides in its premises an integrated infrastructure, named the NITOS Facility, which is a union of heterogeneous testbeds focusing on experimentation-based research in the area of wired and wireless networks. NITOS is remotely accessible and open to the research community 24/7 through the NITOS portal, allowing users from around the globe to take advantage of highly programmable equipment. The testbed is based on open-source software that allows the design and implementation of new algorithms, enabling new functionalities on the existing hardware. Parallel experimentation (slicing) of different users is enabled, through the utilization of the NITOS scheduler software. NITOS has an established user base of over 4000 users in the past years, with over 20 researchers using the infrastructure in a daily basis. It is federated with several infrastructures all over the world (Europe, Brazil, South Korea) in the context of various projects, like OpenLab, FLEX, Fed4FIRE, SmartFIRE, MONROE, 5GinFIRE, 5G-XHAUL, 5G-PICTURE, 5G-VICTORI while it is also part of the OneLab federation.