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5G Test Network (5GTN)

The 5G Test Network (5GTN) is a national Finnish joint effort of University of Oulu, Technical Research Center of Finland (VTT) and 15 different industry partners. It is a complete 5G test system and worlds first open 5G test network. 5GTN targets to serve multiple application developers by providing extensive test facility services in a carrier-grade state-of-the-art network and it has radio coverage in several locations in Finland: Oulu, Tampere, Ii, Sodankylä and Ylivieska. In northern Finland 5GTN includes the University of Oulu campus, VTT and the technology village area together with several distant locations around Oulu, like, Oulu University Hospital Test Lab and Nokia factory in Rusko area in the City of Oulu. Additionally, outside of the Oulu Region, there is remote Ylivieska test network with approximately 15 base stations, Ii Micropolis and Sodankylä airport, where 5GTN is used for testing vehicles in winter conditions and in general, for future self-driving technology development.

5G Test Network (5GTN)