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Place: Radisson Blu, Oulu
Address: Hallituskatu 1, 90100 Oulu Finland

Located in the city center, the Radisson Blu Hotel sits at the mouth of the Oulu River on the bank of the Gulf of Bothnia. You can get to the hotel easily from different parts of Oulu.

From Oulu Airport

Busses number 8 and 9 take you from the Oulu airport to the Oulu city center in 30 minutes. When you exit at Kaupungintalo stop, the hotel is just 240 meters away. Buy a bus ticket at the airport, from the Waltti-app, or on the bus.

You can find many taxi stands outside of the Oulu airport. Travel time by taxi is approx. 20 minutes. Different taxi companies in Oulu: OTaxi, Menevä & Uber

From Oulu Railway Station

Located just 900 meters away from the train station, you will arrive at the hotel in approx. 10 minutes. You can follow Hallituskatu straight to the hotel.

You can find a taxi stand outside of the train station building. Travel time to the hotel is around 5 minutes, depending on the traffic. You can also order a taxi from a mobile app. Different taxi companies (OTaxi, Menevä & Uber) have their own app!

Oulu airport is Finland’s second busiest airport, enabling easy arrival by plane. Trains and buses take you to Oulu from other parts of Finland.

By plane

Book your flight from Finnair.

Please note that if you are traveling from outside of Finland, you need to change flights at Helsinki Airport to get to Oulu.

By train

Book your trip from VR.

Finland railway connects over 200 Finnish train stations. The most common routes depart from Helsinki.

Staying in a hotel makes your visit to Oulu easy and stress-free! You can find many options within walking distance from the city center.

Radisson Blu

For our Slices-SC Summer School guests, you can book a room from the Radisson Blu hotel for a discounted price (130 €/150 €) with the code “Slices-SC Summer School”. Please note that the reservations must be made straight from the hotel via email ( or by calling (+358 20 1234 730).

Nallikari Holiday Village

If you want to enjoy the Nallikari beach and stay in a holiday cottage, you can book accommodation from Nallikari Holiday Village. The Nightless Night party will be taking place in Restaurant Nallikari.

Options for other hotels in the Oulu city center

For other accommodation options, see Airbnb or

Countering the Finnish dark arctic winters, nature replies with almost endless daylight in Oulu. Come and enjoy the Finnish nightless night with good food and a relaxed social setting at Restaurant Nallikari, right at the beautiful Nallikari beach.

Restaurant Nallikari

Address: Nallikariranta 15, 90510 Oulu Finland

Nallikari beach and restaurant are close to the Oulu city center, approx. 3,5 kilometers from the Radisson Blu hotel.

How to get there?

You can ride a bike or take an electric scooter and enjoy the sights of Oulu. Travel time to the restaurant is around 10 minutes with a bike or a scooter.

Bus number 15 takes you from Oulu city center to the Nallikari beach. You can take the bus from the Kaupungintalo stop. Travel time to Nallikari by bus is approx. 20 minutes.

One option in the summer is a small sightseeing city train called Potnapekka. Potnapekka leaves from the city hall and drops you off by the beach.

In Oulu, you can experience northern nature, city culture, and local flavors. Visit Oulu webpage is filled with information about what to do while visiting Oulu. Here are some tips, on how to get around Oulu.

By bus

Oulu Public transport takes you around the city!

Use the public transportation trip planner here to see what bus you should take to your destination. More information and information about tickets and fares can be found here.

For occasional travelers, the easiest ticket type is a single ticket and contactless payment. Oulu buses accept debit or credit cards (Visa, Visa Electron, Mastercard, and Eurocard) or mobile (Google Pay and Apple Pay).

By taxi

Different taxi companies in Oulu: OTaxi, Menevä & Uber

All the companies have their mobile app, where you can see estimated times, costs, and other important information about your trip.

By bike or electric scooter

Oulu is a beautiful city for cycling. Its most extensive cycleway network in Finland covers the entire city and neighboring municipalities. See the route map here.

Your hotel may have bikes for rent or for free for the hotel guests. Ask for bikes from your hotel’s reception.

In Oulu, there are 4 types of electric scooters you can rent from their mobile app: Tier (which also has electric bikes), Voi, Lime, and Bird. Electric scooters can be used in bike lines.